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The Apple AirPods Review

[ 0 ] 2017/01/14

He’s my review of the amazing Magical Apple AirPods – Fantastic wearable wireless technology, with loads of great features and superb performance, I take a look at the history of Apple’s earphones and how the EarPods compare to the bluetooth AirPods which feature the W1 chip. This review covers all the basics that you need to know when considering a pair of Airpods.

Say No to SPAM – Take control of your Inbox

[ 0 ] 2017/01/14

It’s a problem that’s been with us since the beginning of email, how do we know whether incoming emails are the real deal or not, how do we stop the junk mail piling up and how can we stop the junk arriving on our computers and phones but make sure we keep receiving the important mail – well it’s time to take a look at some essential tips to help you get control of your inbox and say no to SPAM. This covers SPAM reduction techniques for Windows and Apple devices, iPhones and Android – some simple tips to keep your inbox clear of the bad stuff.

Publishing your Music – How to Earn Royalties

[ 0 ] 2017/01/14

You’ve produced some music or written some songs, so what’s the next step to making money from your compositions in this day and age of streaming and downloads, the way to be a pro is to register yourself as a professional songwriter or composer so that you can earn royalties when your music is used – Here’s some tips on what’s involved in doing this from someone who’s been in the music industry for almost 40 years. Simon Harris is a registered songwriter and composer himself so here’s how you can do it too. This is also a companion episode to the Guide to Electronic Music Production. Listen and find out how to make money from your music.

Backup your Files – How to keep your Data Safe

[ 0 ] 2017/01/05

We’ve all done it – realized we’ve lost some important photos or other files and it didn’t need to happen, if we had just always kept a step ahead of a hard drive that might fail or a folder we’ve accidently deleted – well the good news is that it’s easy to keep your data safe and backup as you go, this is how to be sure you don’t lose those valuable files from your phone or computer and also to have those valuable files available to all your devices . . . .

The Guide to Electronic Music Production

[ 0 ] 2017/01/04

A quick guide to the basics of using your computer to produce high quality electronic music. Whether you are a DJ, remixer or producer who wants to create your own compositions, or productions, this easy guide is for you and it’s brought to you by experienced dance music producer Simon Harris.

QC35 Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

[ 0 ] 2016/12/26

Here’s a podcast about my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones over the years, the other Bose products that I like and my latest reference headphones, the Bose Quiet Comfort QC 35 headphones – Enjoy!

Why I walked out of Star Wars Rogue One

[ 0 ] 2016/12/24

Greetings comrades, here’s Podcast No2, it’s a one way chat (you can talk if you want but I won’t be able to hear you) about the fact I’m not a fan of 3D movies and a podcast about why I walked out of Star Wars Rogue One after a few minutes – perhaps it’s just the first world problems of your host but maybe not . . you decide . . thanks for listening and please hit the subscribe button – Thanks!

The Simon Harris Podcast – Welcome

[ 0 ] 2016/12/21

OK folks, here’s my first Podcast, I’ve decided to call it ‘Without Prejudice’ so that anything taken out of context does not apply, each episode will be short and to the point, about specific subjects, technology, movies, TV, fast food, whatever but this is the first one which is essentially about nothing!

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