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Category: Technology

New Blackberry Pearl on the way

[ 0 ] 2010/04/26

Blackberry have finally announced the new (3G) Pearl and it looks really nice, smaller than the original Pearl and with much higher spec. With its ultra-compact two-inch wide, 3.3 ounce body, the Pearl 3G is the smallest BlackBerry yet. Despite its size though, it’s still a full-featured BlackBerry, and for the first time, complete with Continue reading →

The iPhone leak – Gizmodo has the Scoop of the year!

[ 0 ] 2010/04/20

Unprecedented and of historical proportions, Apple’s cloak of secrecy has been brutally stripped away by tech blog Gizmodo who were sold a lost/found prototype of the forthcoming new Apple iPhone, they spent a week verifying it’s legitimacy and it appears to be the real deal in that it would be virtually impossible to create a Continue reading →

SIM dog collar tracks your pet anywhere

[ 0 ] 2010/03/23

AT&T are introducing a new dog tracking system in the US in partnership with a location tracking company called Apishere. It’s a dog collar with built in SIM card that integrates with software to create an invisible fence with automatic alerts when your dog goes too far. “There are few things as important to my Continue reading →

Jobs unhappy with Google over Nexus one

[ 0 ] 2010/03/14

It seems that Mr Jobs of Cupertino is extremely unhappy with the smartphone direction that Google has taken, the Nexus One does come off (in my opinion) like a ripped off iPhone, there are a lot of aesthetic and operational ‘similarities’ and even if the Nexus One were a better product, it’s unoriginal and not Continue reading →

iPad coming on April 3rd

[ 0 ] 2010/03/09

Yes we finally have a release date for the Wi-Fi only iPad and it’s April 3rd. The TV ad was debut during the Oscars and it did look really impressive, am I planning to get one? No. It’s a wonderful toy but (for me anyway) that’s all it is unfortunately. I will wait for a Continue reading →

Panasonic DMC-GF1, Micro Four Thirds Camera

[ 0 ] 2010/03/03

I recently purchased the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, it’s a very compact and well made small camera with DSLR quality, interchangeable lenses but without the bulky SLR optical viewfinder mirror system, the result is a very neat camera with picture quality that rivals an expensive DSLR and is easy to carry around and unobtrusive. I Continue reading →

Sony TC-510 Tape Recorder (1978)

[ 0 ] 2010/02/27

Check out the Sony TC-510 open reel recorder, I had one of these and it’s a classic, superb quality and amazingly well built just like most of Sony’s stuff in the 70s, I used it for many years until it was stolen in the early 90s but I still have all the recordings. I used Continue reading →

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